Marlette is a brand for the preparation of organic bread and pastries. Easy to prepare, all you have to do is pour the contents of the sachet into a bowl, add butter, milk and/or eggs and in no time at all you will have delicious financials, cookies to fall down or a carrot cake and its icing!

      In each preparation you will find unexpected ingredients that will give an original taste to your preparations. The brand has recently launched its gluten-free range to satisfy all gourmets !

      At the origin of Marlette there are two pastry lovers, Scarlette and Margot (Marlette is the contraction of their two first names) from the Ilsand of Ré in France! Their goal : create easy and tasty cake preparations!

      We fall for these easy and original preparations, which children in particular like a lot!

      19 products

      19 products