My Lovely Thing

      My Lovely Thing is a subtle blend of softness and poetry. A look, a desire to settle down and admire the simple things.

      The illustrations of My Lovely Thing are identifiable by its pastel and watercolour colours, and of course its famous geometrical shapes that we love so much.

      This is the little world of the French designer Marie PERTRIAUX that she has managed, after several years in the textile and children's fashion industry, to appropriate to launch her own brand : My Lovely Thing.

      Each wall poster and each card will tell you a story. Childhood memories, little moments of pleasure or daydreaming, My Lovely Thing takes us on a journey through her illustrations.

      French Blossom has really fallen in love with the delicacy and poetry of her posters and postcards which will bring a very refined detail to the decoration of a child's room, or which will allow you to share pretty little words with the people you love...

      37 products

      37 products