Rose in April


      The brand Rose In April was created in 2013 by Elodie, right after her daughter’s birth. It is her name that inspired half of the brand’s name: Rose. The other half, contrary to what we could think, is not related to Rose’s month of birth but to Elodie’s lucky charm: her dog, April. Indeed, for Elodie, the arrivals of April and Rose are connected and she thought it could be nice to associate both their names in the brand’s one. Thus, Rose In April was born.

      With an experience of almost 12 years in fashion retailing, where she was able to discover and try different occupations, Elodie decided that she wanted to try on her own and began a new adventure so that she could make the world discover her own creations. With the idea of offering a vintage style with bright and cheerful colours, she started to imagine a range of furniture, and little by little, added pillows, plaids, blankets, baskets, dolls… The designs are varied too. We can thus come across circus animals, pompoms, funny messages and even sleepy stars that will delight everyone and brighten up each room where you will decide to put them.

      At French Blossom, we definitely fall for the iconic Joseph the rabbit lamp, a must-have in a kid's room !

      10 products

      10 products