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Part of the german toy company Gollnest and Kiesel, Holztiger is finally joining French Blossom's talented designers ! The group, really committed in the protection of the environment, created few decades ago this major european toys brand, well-known for its high quality products. With its wooden figurines, Holztiger is caracterized by its particular attention to detail. It succeeded in imposing all around the world by offering handmade animals and natural elements from maple wood : original and high quality toys. Every toy is hand-painted with non-toxic watercolors in order to create unique designs.

If you are looking for traditional toys for your little ones, you are in the right place ! You will be delighted by these wonderful wooden figurines. Among the animals, set pieces, and characters from the farm world, the jungle or the forest, you will certainly find the best for your cute little one. He will discover the world in a funny way thanks to the large range of figurines the brand is offering. Polar bears, foxes, dinosaurs, wolves, cats or lions will populate your little one's room for crazy stories and adventures. As they are large, the figurines are easy to grip for children's hands. With their soft colors and rounded corners, they are really pleasant to the touch. For playing or collecting, these high quality wooden toys will be wonderful playmates for your little ones.

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Handmade Wooden Lion Cub

Price €6.67

This cute little lion cub from Holztiger will come along with its dad the lion wherever it goes for the greatest pleasure of your children. Its playful posture gives him a mischievous look specific to baby animals...

Handmade Wooden Rabbit with...

Price €5.83

This little rabbit eating its carrot designed by Holztiger will complete nicely the farm of your little one. Hand-painted with beautiful colours with non-toxic water-based water, this rabbit has the perfect size...

Handmade Wooden Wolf

Price €7.50

Your child will never be afraid of the big bad wolf again thanks to this lovely wolf-shaped wooden figurine designed by Holztiger . Its sift colours and the gentle expression on its face will reassure your little...

Handmade Wooden Little...

Price €6.67

Last Item! This little polar bear is just too cute ! Holztiger designed for little animal lovers this adorable wooden toy handmade and hand-painted with non-toxic watercolors. Very pleasant to the touch,...